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B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and M.S. Degree in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering. Certified Professional Engineer in the states of Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia. Over forty years of Professional Engineering experience in industry and government organizations. This experience is with companies involved in Ship Building, Drilling Riser Tool Design, designing Electronic Enclosures, designing and analyzing Structures, and calculating Pipe Stress.

Services We Provide:

We can PE Certify new and existing mechanical designs, equipment, and structures. We can modify existing structures and mechanical equipment to meet ASME and ANSI standards. We can also create CAD detail drawings, weldment and sheet metal designs, drawings, and perform stress analysis. Please see the 'Qualifications and Capabilities' list at the bottom of this page, the PRODUCTS and SERVICES link on the 'Navigation Toolbar' at the top of this page, the 'Link to Professional Resume' and the 'Alabama, Mississippi, and Virginia PE Licenses' links the on the right side of this page.

If you have projects or small jobs that require a Licensed Mechanical Engineer, or just require a Mechanical Engineer, please CONTACT US. We will be more than happy to study and discuss the details of your project with you, and propose a solution that you will be happy with.

Qualifications and Capabilities:

* M.S. Degree in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering from the University of Florida.
* B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University.
* PE License in Alabama No. 37633-E, Mississippi No. 10893, Virginia No. 0402011516.

* Machine and Structure design, CAD drawings, solid modeling, and stress (FEA) analysis.
* Sheet metal and weldment, designs, drawings, and stress analysis.
* Structural beam size and material selection based on loading configuration.
* 3D printing (Additive Manufacturing).
* Center of gravity and mass properties calculations.
* 2D technical drawings and sketches converted to 3D models.
* Subsea IPV design, material selection, and pressure rating analysis.
* Storage pressure vessel design and analysis.
* Wind and wave forces on ocean structures analysis.
* Machine vibration and power spectrum analysis.
* Ship's deck machinery design experience.
* Ocean surface and subsea equipment design.
* Oilfield drilling riser tool design experience.
* Solar panel mounting fixtures design experience.
* Temporary structure support frame wind force analysis.
* Experienced with Caesar II (for calculating pipe stress).
* Experience with pipe and cable tensioning equipment.


BS degree in Mechanical Engineering.

MS degree in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering.


PE License in Alabama No: 37633-E

PE License in Mississippi No: 10893

PE License in Virginia No: 0402011516

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