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Tennessee Technological University

I was student at Tennessee Technological University from September 1970 to June 1972 where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. I spent the previous two years in a pre-engineering curriculum at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro Tennessee.

My advisor at Tennessee Technological University was Dr. Leighton E. Sissom.

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Diploma issued to Carl R. Jackson on June 10, 1972.

College of Engineering:

Engineers, computer scientists and engineering technologists are problem-solvers who use creativity to turn inventions into innovations. The College of Engineering at Tennessee Tech prepares students for careers that help shape the future and advance human kind.

Objectives of educating engineers, computer scientist and technologists at Tennessee Tech include the mastery of mathematical, scientific, mechanical, and professional knowledge specific to the student’s major concentration. It is also the acquisition of experience in decision making through the analysis and resolution of problems.