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Delta Engineering SE
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Delta Engineering SE


We are a Mechanical Engineering, Ocean Engineering, and CAD services provider located in the Mobile Alabama area. Our custumers include Engineering Companies, Machine Shops, Fabrication and Welding facilities, and organizations who provide equipment and services to technically oriented businesses and to the Marine industry. Our PE licenses are in the states of AL, MS, and VA.

Some of the 'Client Services' we offer are listed below. Please contact us if we can assist you.

TSS, Towed Sensor System Sunset Off Virtinia Coast USNS Lynch

Client Services:

* SolidWorks is used to produce 3D CAD models and detail drawings of mechanical and structural equipment.
* Maplesoft is used for mathematical engineering alalysis such as structural beam bending stress.
* FEA Stress and Deflection analysis weldment structures such as solar panel mounts and pressure vessels.
* Design Deck Machinery, IPV's, Ocean surface and subsea equipment used in the marine industry.
* Convert 2D hand drawn sketches and blue prints to 3D CAD models and drawings.
* Create burn tables used to create flame cut parts. Files can be in either DXF or DWG format.
* Calculate Wind and wave loads on on inland and seaside structures.


PE License in Alabama.

PE License in Mississippi.

PE License in Virginia.


BS, Mechanical Engineering

MS, Coastal/Ocean Engineering.