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About DE SE

We provide engineering support to fabrication and Machine shops, welding facilities, and companies involved with the ocean and marine industry. This support includes product designs, IPV design and external pressure analysis, surface structure wind analysis, and subsea structure buoyancy and pressure analysis. We are licensed PE's in the states of AL, MS, and VA.

Mechanical CAD Designering

We use SolidWorks for all of our CAD work. We convert old blueprints, sepias, and freehand sketches into CAD 3D models and drawings. Our Engineering detail and assembly drawings utilize GD&T (ASME Y14.5M-1994). You can see some examples of our CAD models and drawings by clicking on the GrabCad icon at the top right of this page, and the ENGINEERING link or PRODUCTS link on the menu bar above.

Stress Analysis

We use Classical stress analysis for common structural shapes when mechanical properties are known, such as I-beams, channel, and rectangular tubing. Finite element analysis (FEA) is used for uncommon structural components whose mechanical properties are not known, or for structural assemblies that are too complex for classical stress analysis.

TSS, Towed Sensor System Sunset Off Virtinia Coast USNS Lynch
Additional Services

* PE stamped drawings and calculations if required.
* SolidWorks 3D CAD models and drawings.
* Maplesoft for performing engineering alalysis.
* Ocean surface and subsurface equipment design.
* Reverse engineering.
* Subsea weight and buoyancy calculations.
* Weldments and sheet metal designs.
* Structural designs using I-Beams, angles, and channel.
* Composite Section Inertia using Parallel Axis Theorem.
* Pressure vessel designs and drawings.
* Deck machinery designs and drawings.
* IPV design and pressure rating analysis.
* DWG and DXF burn tables.
* Calculate Wind and wave loads on structures.


PE License in Alabama.

PE License in Mississippi.

PE License in Virginia.


BS, Mechanical Engineering

MS, Coastal/Ocean Engineering.