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Tank Mounting Stand Weldment

SOLIDWORKS weldments design functionality enables you to design a weldment structure as a single multibody part, sketching the basic framework, creating structural members with groups of sketch segments, and adding elements like gussets and end caps to complete the structure.

* Work from a library of pre-defined structural shapes.
* Generate 3D sketch lines for structural profiles to follow.
* Automatically trim structural members at intersections.
* Add stiffening plates, gussets, and end caps.
* Add optional weld beads to the design.
* Generate drawings, BOMs, cut lists, and other manufacturing documentation.

Tank Support Stand Drawing with Cut-List

Tank Mounted in Support Stand

Oilfield Welding

Welders in the oil and gas industry operate welding equipment to fuse metals using various cutting, gouging and welding processes on pipelines, rigs, plants and facilities.

They perform a variety of duties on the job site, including working on pipeline systems, derrick and pump jack repair, installations, and shutting in or closing off a producing well.

Ocean Welding

Underwater welding or repairs on vessels is normally only of a semipermanent nature. Ships plates flex in rough water, and underwater welds lose about 20 percent of their strength, and about 50 percent of their ductility because of the instantaneous cooling, and should be only considered for temporary repairs.