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Sheet Metal Design

Sheet metal can be cut and bent into various shapes and dimensions. A wide range of metal products are manufactured with sheet metal which makes it an essential process of a modern fabrication shop. Sheet metal comes in coils that range in thickness from 3 to 24 guage.

In the bending of sheet metal, small lengths of metal are bent with the help of dies or press brakes. Repeated bending is used for complex shapes. Bending can also be done through a set of rollers. An example sheet metal reducer duct model and drawing are shown below.

Sheet Metal Reducer Duct

SolidWorks Sheet Metal Design

SolidWorks can convert SolidWorks models into sheet metal parts. The part can easily be shown in its flattened configuration with bend lines which makes cutting out and bending the part easier. Holes, machining, and welding can be added to the final configuration. Click on the link below to see the sheet metal drawing of the Reducer Duct shown to the left.

Click Below for Sheet Metal Drawing