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ISSAMS Article from Sea Technology Magazine

ISSAMS was constructed at Stennis Space Center, MS because the head of the Geo-Acoustics and Geo-Techniques section, Dr. Michael Richardson, needed it for his research project. ISSAMS was designed and engineered by Carl Jackson, mechanical engineer at Stennis Space Center's Naval Research Laboratory.

Dr. Richardson's research interests included the effects of biological and hydrodynamic processes on sediment structure, properties, and behavior. Recent research has been directed toward in situ measurement and predication of seaflor geo- acoustic properties. The article below was written by Dr. Michal D. Richardson, head of the geo- acoustics and geo-techniques seceion at the Naval Research Laboratory, Sean R. Griffin, co-founder of Omni Techniloties, Inc.,and Dr. Francis B. Grosz Jr., senior electronics engineer at the Naval Research Laboratory.

ISSAMS was built at SSC, MS