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Instrumented Pressure Vessel (IPV)

The IPV shown below was designed using Solidworks. The Engineers at Delta Engineering SE have many years of experience designing IPV's like the one shown below.

The IPV shown below is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, and the surfaces are hard anodized. DETAIL DRAWINGS and FINITE ELEMENT STRESS ANALYSIS (FEA) can be found by clicking the links on the right side of this page. The detail drawings dimensions were dimensioned per Germetric Dimensioning and Tolerancing standard ASME Y14.5M 1994, and the Finite Element Analysis was performed using SolidWorks Simulation.


IPV Pressure Rating

The IPV shown above has an external pressure rating of 1000 psi (6.9 mPa), which is equivalent to about 2250 ft (686 m) of seawater. The pressure rating is limited by the O-Rings, which are rated at 1500 psi .

IPV Detail Drawings and Analysis.

Detail Drawings

Click here for IPV Drawings.

Stress Analysis.

Click here for IPV FEA Stress Analysis using SolidWorks Simulation and MapleSoft.