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BLAT Tool Animation

The animation below shows the BLAT being lowered through the Telescopic Joint, until the BLAT's Anti-Torque Boss lands in the BLAT Transition Pup Joint (BTJ). The BTJ is bolted between the Telescopic Joint and the first Riser Joint. When the BLAT has landed in the BTJ, the Drill Pipe is rotated Counter Clockwise (CCW), which causes the BLAT Load Supports to extend and make contact with the BTJ's inner surface. Tension is then applied to the Drill Pipe, which raises the BLAT until its Load Supports land in the Upper Transition Joint's Load Support Slots. Applying more tension to the Drill Pipe (2,000 kips SWL) raises the BLAT, Telescopic Joint, BTJ, Riser, and Blowout Preventer.

After the Blowout Preventer has been successfully landed, tension is relieved on the Drill Pipe, and the BLAT is once again lowered until the BLAT's Anti-Torque Boss lands in the BTJ. The Drill Pipe is then rotated Clockwise (CW), which causes the Load Supports to retract. Once the Load Supports are fully retracted, the BLAT is then pulled through the BTJ and the Telescopic Joint, and retrieved.