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Armored Cable Termination

The Armored Cable Termination (ACT) is used to support a subsea electronics package on an armored data cable, while allowing data cable, within the armored data cable, to connect to the electronics package. The ACT shown below is designed for 1.0 inch diameter armored cable, and has a safe working load (SWL) of 10,000 lbs. The ACT has two sections, the upper half and the lower half. To attach the ACT to an armored data cable, the protective coating on the armored data cable is removed, thus exposing the cables armor wire. The length of protective coating removed depends on the length of data cable needed. The armor wire is then trimmed, and formed in a cage shape inside the ACT lower half. Chockfast Grey is then poured into the lower ACT lower half, and allowed to harden. This locks the armor wire into place inside the ACT lower half. The upper ACT half is then threaded onto the ACT lower half, the self contained locking mechanism locks, and the ACT if ready for use.

The ACT can be modified for larger armored cable diameters, and higher SWL's if needed. Please contact us with the ACT modifications that you need.

Slide 1. ACT Major Components

Slide 2. ACT Exploded View

Slide 3. ACT Attached to Payload

Slide 4. ACT FEA Stress Analysis

Slideshow Explanation

Slide 1. ACT Major Components. This slide shows the major ACT major components.
Slide 2. ACT Exploded View.This slide is an exploded view showing the ACT major components.
Slide 3. ACT Attached to Payload. This slide shows the components needed to attach the ACT to a payload.
Slide 4. ACT FEA Stress Analysis. This slide shows the resulta of an ACT FEA analysis.

Actual ACT after EMAMS mission.

The image shown below is the original ACT used after a Navy mission. Chockfast can be seen attached to the armored cable. The original ACT used a screw to hold the two ACT halves together.

Armored Cable Termination

The ACT shown on this web page uses a self contained locking mechanism to hold the upper and lower sections together.

ACT Stress Report

Click on the image below to view the ACT Stress Report.